4 must have accessories for your new car

Now, you’ve bought your new hitchhiker and drove a few miles and are wondering how you can keep this beauty in ship shape for the next time. Also, every time you pass a well-decorated car accessories store, you wonder what accessories you should buy for your car.

Although car accessories, like the car itself, depend on personal choice, budget, etc., there are still a few accessories that most cars can use in order to increase performance and longevity while simultaneously improving the appearance and performance of the car itself. Here are some car accessories that all new cars can use in one form or another:

1) Car Cushions: For any first-time car buyer, ride and passenger comfort is a primary concern. Although most car seats these days are very comfortable, it is still worth considering purchasing cushions as they provide comfort and protection for the seats and remove moisture. There are different types of pillows available for use in a car that include seat cushions, back cushions, neck cushions, and even orthopedic cushions.
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2) Parking Sensors: In a country like India where parking space is one of the biggest problems in big cities and when it is available in a very narrow area, there are high chances of your car rubbing against other parked cars or even against the back/side wall etc. The parking sensors will warn you when your car gets too close to an obstacle and help you park the car accurately.

3) Air Freshener: Although most car dealerships these days offer a medium quality air freshener with new car delivery, it is important to understand that a high quality air freshener is definitely required for all vehicles, especially those that use air conditioners a lot and in humid cities. Air fresheners, preferably with natural essential oils, are essential to address the problem of odor formation in cars by neutralizing and eliminating unpleasant odors, including the chemical smell of a brand new car.

4) Car Cell Phone Holders: These days, it’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without the constant companionship of a personal mobile device, even while driving. It makes a lot of sense to install a car cell phone mount because it keeps the phone secure, helps you take calls while driving, makes it convenient to use GPS and also to play music if desired. There are many different types of cell phone mounts available these days, such as those mounted on the dash, those mounted on the windshield or those that attach to the cigarette lighter, but all of these serve a common purpose of keeping your cell phone secure and accessible.

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