Mustard Pie Clothing - The secret behind the successful brand of girls' clothing

Mustard Pie Clothing is a popular brand designing only baby and kids clothing for girls. Founded in 2008, the Mustard Pie brand is designed by Shannon Rihm and is located in Chicago, Illinois. The sets are available for girls from 3 months – 12 years old.

The story of Mustard Pie began when Shannon was expecting her first daughter. She was laid off and looked at different ways to make a living from home. I first started a small business on eBay reselling designer clothes that I found for sale in local stores. Eventually, I found designers on Etsy and eBay who made custom boutique girls’ clothes for the highest bidder, and I was amazed. She was inspired and motivated to learn how to make such clothes herself. She had always been interested in design, so she decided to teach herself how to sew and thus took her first step to creating Mustard Pie clothes. Around November 2007, she began taking sewing lessons, reading books, and buying fabrics to use in her design experiments. After several hours of practice and a lot of trial and error, I set out to design and create one-of-a-kind boutique girls’ clothes. Soon orders were coming in from all over the world. Her business was booming and she made the big decision to start a real clothing label to keep up with the demand. That was when Mustard Pie clothes were born.

When choosing the name for her new brand of girls’ clothing, Shannon recalled a funny story from when she was a child. At just five years old, she tried a replication of her mom’s famous Lemon Meringue Pie for Mother’s Day. She rummaged in the cupboard and found what she could only assume was the delicious yellow filling for the pie – a big jar of mustard! I filled the pie crust to the top and innocently created a weird mustard pie. This story came to mind when Shannon was starting her brand because it reflects children’s vivid imaginations, just like every piece of clothing Shannon creates reflects the essence of childhood.

Mustard pie clothes It is fresh, elegant and girly. Layers of bold prints, fancy patterns, and pretty colors for every day or for special occasions. Shannon designs are always made with kids in mind. She wouldn’t create anything her little girl wouldn’t want to wear. For example, clothing is soft cotton and tag-free for comfort. Each piece of clothing is carefully designed and the designer encourages her daughter to give opinions and suggestions before the clothes appear. The model outfit comes in various options so that the customer can mix and match to create a look as unique as their child. The brand produces a limited number of clothes, so many customers pre-order their favorite boutique girls’ clothes as the collection often sells out before it hits store shelves. Mustard Pie releases new clothing collections several times a year. Regular lines debut in fall and spring. Year-round looks such as in late fall and around Christmas and Easter.

Shannon encourages her client to send them pictures of their daughter dressed in a mustard pie outfit. Then she selected a few children to design the company’s next collection. Mustard Pie also runs contests to show appreciation for the continued support from fans. Shannon’s business is growing every year, and in 2014 she launched a new sister brand, Jak & Peppar. This new line of boutique girls’ clothing is dedicated to the “free spirit in all of us.” In the coming years, Jak & Peppar and Mustard Pie clothing will continue to grow and create beautiful clothing that reflects the unique and beautiful side of youth and femininity.

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