Some facts about Geox Kids shoes

Geox is definitely one of the leading brands that make footwear for kids. There are many amazing features that have made this Italian brand one of the most favorite brands among parents. Well, the most important of them all is the comfort level of the shoes. The brand was created by legendary designer Mario Moretti Polegato who created a new design through which shoes could breathe. The aeration process as invented by Polegato has changed dramatically over the years. However, Geox has held its ground all over the world.

The shoes of this brand use some special elements such as the breathable membrane. The idea behind it is to make the shoes very soft and comfortable. Most importantly, this membrane allows the interior air to ventilate. Also, the shoes use special foam or rubber soles so that the shoes provide great pressure support. And, of course, the shoes are very comfortable to wear. With a pair of geox kids shoes, your kids will always feel comfortable no matter how long they have to wear them. The shoes will keep their feet dry and protect the sensitivity of children’s feet.

Children are always prone to activities. That is why the quality of children’s shoes always requires more attention. In this regard, Geox shoes also have certain advantages. They have a specially constructed sole that provides better grip when kids are playing. Thus, they provide an extra degree of safety to your children as well.

Another great thing with Geox kids shoes is the ease of maintenance. These shoes are easy to clean. Therefore, it is much preferred by parents. Just a little bit of TLC will make sure your Geox shoes stay intact for a long time. Not only will this take care of the style and appearance but it will also make your shoes more durable and thus help you save some money as well.

If you have Geox sneakers, clean them with a damp cloth and mild soap. After completing the cleaning, the cloth should be rinsed and wringed out, and then the soap remaining on the surface of the shoes should be wiped off last. Finally, you should dry the sneakers in sunlight to ensure that no moisture damage occurs. On the other hand, if the shoe is made of soft leather, the treatment will be different. So, you have to wet a clean cloth and clean the dirt, debris and dust from the surface of the shoe. Here too, you have to let the shoes dry before polishing them. As you buff, you should do so in a gentle, circular motion with a lint-free cotton cloth.

In the case of nubuck and suede shoes, they should be cleaned regularly with a soft, dry shoe brush. That’s all you can do to remove dirt and debris from your shoes and keep them clean. Do not get these shoes wet as this may damage the surface.

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