The importance of maintaining good shoes

Everyone wants the shoes they buy to be long-lasting and not suitable for just a few days of use. The shoes may not be very expensive but they are good. Therefore, you may want to use it on the days when you are attending an important function. You definitely don’t like your shoes wearing out quickly.

Rapid wear is usually the result of two reasons: poor maintenance and poor quality. Quality should be given great importance when buying shoes.

People generally do not attach importance to maintaining the shoes well. It must be borne in mind that good form, style, etc.; Shoes can only be maintained if you take the trouble to maintain them well. Here are some ideas on how to properly maintain your shoes and keep them in order.

Let’s say you have patent leather shoes. Shoe cracking must be prevented. A very good way to achieve this is to rub the shoes with some olive oil, milk or Vaseline. The suggestion may sound very strange but you are getting a very good result by doing this.

The next important thing is to waterproof the shoe. This is done by giving the shoes two coats of linseed oil that has been boiled. The oil should be allowed to dry before putting on the shoes. This is an effective method.

It is a bit difficult to clean the white shoes. Here too there is a practical suggestion. After applying a little cleansing milk to a piece of cotton, dab it on the shoes and dry it for about 15 minutes, buff it up with a clean, dry duster.

The use of supports in the shoe helps to keep the shoe without changing its shape due to use in an unsightly way.

These are just some suggestions; There are countless ways that can help you with proper shoe maintenance.

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