Why is my cat scratching the furniture_ The reply may shock you

Each cat proprietor is aware of a film night time isn’t full with out your feline companion scratching away on the plush lining of the lounge furnishings.

However because it seems, this frequent harmful conduct might truly be an indication of a powerful emotional bond between a human and their cat, in response to new analysis revealed within the newest challenge of the Journal of Veterinary Conduct.

“I imagine that the information reported right here will positively have an effect on the relationships between people and their animals, encouraging homeowners to hunt extra data and understanding about their cats and, consequently, enhance and strengthen the affective bonds created between the 2 species,” Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa, a co-author on the research and affiliate professor in veterinary medication from on the Federal College of Rio Grande do Sul, tells Inverse.

What’s new — The analysis crew supplied a web based survey to cat homeowners in Brazil, and 5 hundred homeowners responded to the questions. The researchers based mostly the survey on the Cat Proprietor Relationship Scale, a technique developed in 2017 which helps assess a cat proprietor’s perceived relationship with their pet.

The scientists used these responses to find out the “affiliation between the proprietor’s stage of emotional closeness and the presence of unacceptable conduct in Brazilian cats.”

Sure components, like having multiple pet and visiting a veterinarian repeatedly, had been related to emotional closeness, which is smart since homeowners which might be extra attentive to their pets’ well being are more likely to be emotionally near them.

Moreover, roughly 90 p.c of the research contributors had been feminine, and the feminine homeowners had a better stage of emotional closeness in comparison with male homeowners, which tracks with earlier analysis learning gender and human-cat bonds.

Then, the researchers examined the hyperlink between sure “downside behaviors” and emotional bonds between human homeowners and their cats. The researchers didn’t discover any relationship between house-soiling, aggression, and aggressive vocalization — similar to meowing excessively — and homeowners’ closeness to their pets. Da Costa says this probably has to do with the truth that homeowners who report a better diploma of attachment to their cats will maintain the animal “regardless of having behavioral or well being issues.”

However when the scientists took a more in-depth have a look at one particular conduct, their findings surprised them.

“Surprisingly, homeowners of cats that don’t scratch the furnishings had a decrease stage of emotional closeness in comparison with these reporting this inappropriate conduct,” write the researchers.

In different phrases: Pet homeowners whose cats scratched their furnishings had a better diploma of emotional attachment to their pets in comparison with felines who didn’t exhibit this harmful conduct. So, does your kitty tearing up your sofa imply it weirdly loves you extra? Let’s clarify.

Why is my cat scratching furnishings?

Consultants clarify the hyperlink between emotional closeness and harmful behaviors like furnishings scratching. Getty

“Scratching the setting is a traditional cat conduct,” Katherine Pankratz, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist not affiliated with the research, tells Inverse.

Regardless that their human homeowners may see furnishings scratching as an issue, it’s truly a pure expression of their emotional wants as felines.

However the brand new research suggests there’s a hyperlink between this conduct and the extent of emotional closeness between pet and proprietor.

“It is smart to me that cats which might be extra socially connected to their homeowners might be harmful as a means of getting consideration,” Chyrle Bonk, a veterinarian at PetKeen, tells Inverse.

But, Pankratz isn’t so positive that is merely a matter of emotionally shut pet homeowners letting their coddled cats get away with harmful conduct since their cats didn’t show different regarding behaviors like aggression or house-soiling.

However there could also be an alternate rationalization. Pankratz says it’s doable that people who’re emotionally nearer to their cats “could also be extra understanding and respectful of their cat’s wants for a traditional species conduct similar to scratching objects.”

Da Costa agrees, stating that “homeowners with a decrease attachment stage could not pay as a lot consideration to the cat’s behaviors as a result of they work together much less, or the animal doesn’t have free entry to all furnishings and objects.”

Equally, Pankratz provides: “Though it could be tough to evaluate, the outcomes make me curious if homeowners with a decrease emotional closeness could also be much less observant or much less conscious of their cats’ conduct — i.e., scratching — and whether or not or not this may need impacted their survey responses.”

How can I cease my cat from scratching furnishings?

Offering a secure scratching publish in a handy location will help stop your cat from tearing up the sofa. Getty

“One of the crucial frequent causes for cats scratching — and subsequent destruction — of furnishings is that the furnishings offers for his or her wants higher than any various thatmay or could not have been supplied,” Pankratz says.

That being stated, even should you settle for your cat’s wants, it’s fairly costly to purchase a brand new sofa yearly. Consultants say there are methods you’ll be able to preserve your bond together with your cat whereas guaranteeing they don’t destroy your family possessions.

First: Present scratch-safe alternate options on your cats to satisfy their emotional wants. Pankratz additionally mentions that cats ceaselessly prefer to scratch after they get up from their naps. Listed here are some suggestions Pankratz suggests homeowners be mindful when contemplating various scratching areas for pets:

Offering a tall sufficient acceptable scratching floor (i.e., a scratching publish)

Shopping for a secure scratching publish that doesn’t transfer or wobble

Inserting the publish in important places close to the place the cat rests/spends time

Pankratz says most cats want vertical scratching posts, however there are some that want horizontal or are open to each kinds. Attempt totally different choices to see which one your kitty prefers.

Second: Make furnishings “much less fascinating” on your pet to scratch, in response to Pankratz. This might contain protecting the furnishings with double-sided sticky tape, which isn’t as pleasing to scratch, or just rearranging your furnishings so it’s much less conveniently positioned on your pet.

Pankratz says homeowners mustn’t punish their pets for scratching furnishings, since this response will instill worry and damage your bond together with your cat. Plus, your pet will probably simply proceed scratching when you’re not round.

Lastly, Bonk says that huge life adjustments — similar to strikes or a brand new addition to the household — might result in extra harmful conduct like furnishings scratching in case your cat is all of a sudden receiving a lot much less consideration than earlier than.

“House owners can attempt to curb this harmful conduct by carving out some one-on-one time with their kitty or by determining methods to include their cat into their new way of life change,” Bonk says.